The "Dez Bryant Rules" - How Business Owners Can Improve Employee Manuals

Dez Bryant RulesA lot has been made of the “Dez Bryant Rules” in the sports talk arena recently.  For those not following at home, Dez Bryant is a wayward wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, who is now subject to special behavior rules because of some past behavior problems.  As the press beats the topic into the ground, the question has come up about enforcement, and this is where business owners can learn something about their own employee manual. +More

Business Strategy and Planning

Exit strategies, vision & mission statements, business strategies and goals – important decisions for a Strategic and Business Plan. +More

Marketing and Sales

Understand advertising, sales, networking, email, web sites, SEO and social media – integrated marketing that will grow revenue. +More

Accounting and Finance

Business taxes, return on investment, finding capital and business value are important accounting and finance skills for small business. +More

Operations and Quality

Continuous improvement, six sigma process management, logistics, delivering product – critical elements of customer satisfaction. +More

Leadership and Management

You became a leader and manager the first day you decided to become a small business owner! Learn to do it right. +More

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